Saturday, December 27, 2008

This Is Ivy League - This Is Ivy League

Release Date: 04/01/08
Genre: Indie Pop

This is a two man band, both members of Cobra Starship.

Review: So at first, I thought it was a English band as the singer sounds like Belle & Sebastian or Simon & Garfunkel. The first song is mellow and charming. Some hand claps, but it has that hook so I'm drawn in. The second track follows the same. and repeat. And that's mainly the downsize, the same pattern. The album gained my trust at track 4, so it's hard for me to hate it. I know it's not the most creative, but i enjoy listening to it. It's not strong in catchy popness, but it's mellow enough that I don't get annoyed with it on.

Summary: I feel that this is a good debut, but it's missing a climb to the top.

Key Tracks: The Richest Kids In Town, London Bridges, A Summer Chill
Rating: 7/10

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