Tuesday, February 03, 2009

250 reviews!

How weird is that? I know, some of them aren't well written, but my blog is getting closer to what I had in mind. I am not a music elitist (I hope), but I always though it'll be interesting if 1 person just gave their opinion on every single thing that they've listened to. So iono. I just find comfort that I have something that's on the web that kind of looks useful and kind of looks useless. I tried at the beginning to be consistent and always 'review' the music like give a sense of what the album will sound like, but then I drift into personal matter or deep meaning or maybe I criticizes. Maybe none or all of that. What's important is the number I rate it. That's why I include the rating as part of the tags. I figure people don't care what I write, they want to know what's the cream of the crop.

So 250 was a big number and I wanted to start plugging it on other message boards that I go to, but I'm still shy about my opinion. I'm not really good at explaining why so and so is good. It's a gut feeling. So when I started rushing myself in what I call the Rolling Stones style (a short paragraph and giving stars), I've had to change my score a few times and that annoyed me. And if a young band sees it and are in need of reviews, then I can't change it. Usually the long ones are the ones I feel strong towards, but then there are just times when I have writer's block, but I still want it to be documented that I liked an album at a certain time.

Anyways, the more and more I listen to music, the closer I agree to music critics and that kind of puts doubt in me. I didn't start digging deeper into music until maybe mid 2006 so whenever I try to deep backwards, I don't follow, but 2006 and onwards, I'm like part of the pact. And thinking more back, when I first had DSL in 2003 and I wanted to expand my musical taste, the first thing I did was google "best album of dada" and so on...So the more times I see an album, the more likelihood that I'll go download it and listen. Being my biggest source of new music are music blogs, the ones I pay close attention to are the ones that get their names dropped the most.

Still, I'm not sure where I belong. I remember in 2003, I was mainly into soft rock like Michelle Branch, Lifehouse, Savage Garden and the word I found on allmusicguide was Adult Alternative and that was probably the last time where my musical taste had it's foot set to the ground. Those three really shaped me into who I am as their lyrics just connected to me. I was actually closed minded and I didn't realize it. Like pedestrian music is friendly on the first listen. Well for me, I had this idea of what music was and a lot of it wasn't what I wanted. Music was too loud, vocals too faggy, lyrics too hateful, ect. Discovering Explosions in the Sky really opened the doors for me in the instrumental side while Sigur Rós taught me that I could feel my heart. The Decemberists showed me that songs can be stories. And everything in between, good or bad has influenced what I listen to today.

So here I am standing at 250 reviews. Maybe when I reach 500 I'll look back and laugh. I'm already laughing at what I used to listen to. It's trippy man. My 16 year old self would never listen to male vocals. My 19 year old self would never listen to Animal Collective. But who knows. My taste is so elastic now. I no longer seek music that connects me at certain points. I just love music. And to think I started listening to music because I wanted to impress her. Anyways, I'm not sure why I started writing all this junk. I wanted to reflect a bit. Well, this blog might look like a music review blog, but think of it more of a person's diary who just happens to be all about music they've encountered. I am blogging for one person and that person is me. As for song of the week, that shit is dead. oops.
So my rating system is failing me! I wanted to use the whole 1-10 range, but I ended up being one of those 6-10 scales. O well. So after the year ended, I kind of got burnt out on trying to listen to new music. According to my winamp, I downloaded over 950 albums from 2008 and I'll probably only listen to about 750ish albums completely beginning to end. But I only reviewed 208 albums for my blog. It gets tiresome because usually on my first listen, it's warm, but after you get familiar with it, the second and third time, it gets hot and cold? Sometimes I'll forgot an album, but I'll listen to it again for the purpose of adding it to my blog and because I heard it before, I'll like it because I'm familiar. So it's all confusing. Anyways, I wanted to wait til March to start reviewing again so I'm gonna calm down for a bit. I think it's better so some of the new '09 albums have time to settle down on me. Also at the same time, I'm trying to make a best of list for the '00 decade. That's gonna be hard. Anyways, I'll city later.

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