Sunday, April 05, 2009

Dan Deacon - Bromst

Release Date: 03/24/09
Genre: Electronic

How many times has a song made you go, "Holy fuck!" because this album is ridiculous filled with them. Okay, maybe not Holy Fuck worthy, but they came close 50% of the time.

Review: I'm pretty sure I've seen his name floating around, but I don't think I've listened to him.  2 years ago, electronic music was something I felt was mostly high pitched computer bleeps.  Look how far I've come.  It's just another type of sound.  Now I'm still new to the genre, but why was Bromst such a great experience?  The first 4 tracks alone are pretty much unbreakable.  It's extreme jump roping.  The opening track slowly turned on until it reached max volume.  I like how there's a clear sound of real instruments.  Like drums.  The sax just makes it over the top.  "Red F" was the first sign of static noises mixed in vocals.  It's dizzy.

The vocals on "Padding Ghost" are probably my favorite.  I love the urgency of it, plus there's a mix of super high pitch to a moderately deep.  "Snookered" will end up on my end of the year list.  It's like the first 3 were just a warm up, but track 4, awesome repeating verses that build up.  You can hear the sounds charging up.  There's a section near the 5 minute mark that drops it all it so it's just "oh oh oh oh oh"with the beats.  It's so addictive.

By now, I'm fully committed to the album.  "Of the Mountains" has a tribal feel to it.  I love the melody.  You'll know what I'm referring to.  "Surprise Stefani" doesn't have lyrics, but it contains 'ooo" and I get the sense that this is mellower just because it doesn't attack your ears.  It's almost like a song for childhood.  With the bells and stuff, it reminds me of my youth.  Or just something innocent.

"Wet Wings" sounds very poorly recorded, like a bootleg tape recording, but it's only 3 minutes and I enjoy echos.  "Woof Woof" is more of those cat-like vocals and what sounds like reverse words.  It sounds silly, but damn it makes me cheer.

Number 9 is different because it has high levels of piano.  The second half of "Baltihorse" is delicate and sweetman.

Each song stands on its own.  Any can be used as instrumental music, but the stuff he adds make them grand.  As a whole, it's remains very cohesive.  They pull together a darker tone, maybe some madness.

Summary: When I come across weird music, I don't get turned away, I just laugh about it. What could possibly be going inside this man's mind to have a strong sense of musical awareness not found in ...well, most music. My laughter is for the happiness I have knowing there are people today still pushing the envelopes of music. I've been a music fan for what, 3 years now (lol, i know that's not much), and it's a great feeling to discover music that still blows my mind.

Key Tracks: Build Voice, Snookered, Woof Woof
Rating: 9/10

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