Friday, April 10, 2009

No More Teaspoons: Good Friday

How awesome!  I got my first follower.  How awesome.  A minor tick I've found is when people consider removing the vowels in curse words as an acceptable  means of being modest.  what the f*ck?  what could that missing letter be?  On another forum, they deleted my entire post on the latest episode of Lost because I think I said 'shitty.'   Now really, how is that offensive?  I think some 14 year old is powerhungry.  Or just hungry.

So I think I'm done exploring 2002.  My top 3 looks like:

Broken Social Scene

Post 2008 List regrets:

How did I leave out "We Are Beautiful, We Are Doomed" and "The Stand-Ins."  At the time, I just felt underwelm with both efforts, but to leave them out of the top 100.  I'm such a Lizard.  So those two, I approve of them.  

Did I discover anything new this week?

So Metric has a video for their song "Gimme Sympathy" and the way she sort of dances at so damn sexy.  So now I'm really into her voice.  Here comes the sun.

So I wanted to finally check out those Michelle Branch videos of her performing "This Way," but I stumble on a cover, which led me to her myspace page.  Cassandra Farrar is her name.  I suck at picking potential breakout stars, so I won't give her any false hopes.  I'm mainly just posting about her as sort of a bookmark.  Reminds me of old school Jewel.  Good melodies for a girl with chords.

YUI has as new song out...but for an anime?  hello Fullmetal alchemist Brotherhood.  ha.  It's not a bad song.  She's still JRocking.  I wonder if she'll ever be more folksy.

Galneryus.  Heck yeah Japanese metal.  I um, damn it Mei.

We Made You, I don't think it's that of a bad song.  Hopefully the album has content.

Any music news?

Amazon's top 100 indie albums.  Man, now I got more music to explore.

Maybe I should make a checklist:

I think I'll start doing rapid fire reviews in the upcoming weeks.  I've been working on reviews for Cymbals Eat Guitars and Emmy the Great for a while now.  Even Pitchfork reviewed Cymbals, so now my opinion is lame.  So instead of trying to talk about each song, I'll just give a overall feel.  But albums I really really want to review for the purpose of keeping a diaryish blog.

The Antlers
The Appleseed Cast
Bat for Lashes
Bomb the Music Industry!
Bon Iver
Bonnie "Prince" Billy
The Boy Least Likely To

nvm, i have too much.  Let's just say my goal is to get 10 done by next Friday.  Until then, City later

Dear Fox.  Please don't cancel The Sarah Connor Chronicles or Dollhouse.

Song of the Week:
Hammock - Mono No Aware (Video)

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That was Yui on FMA:Brotherhood? Thought she sounded familiar.