Wednesday, April 22, 2009

Lily Allen - It's Not Me, It's You

Release Date: 02/10/09
Genre: Pop

I should have written this long ago, but I was on a break.  

Review: So I actually listen to her debut in preparation of this album and I wasn't sure what critics were raving because "Alright, Still" was all filler except for her 3 excellent singles.  So going in, I was expecting an artist running out of ideas, but her fans will defend her.  But this album is actually enjoyable.  I can say that because I don't know anybody (in my circle) who listens to her.  But really, this album is really catchy and I don't plan on listening to it all year, so I don't know if the freshness will run out.

I predicted in my head that "Not Far" will/should be the next single and yep yup, it is.  The video is kind of whatever, but the song itself is what won me over.  It's just really cowboy-ish, but so damn catchy.  Maybe dancey too.  easily the best song on the album.  Her other catchy songs: 22, Never Gonna Happen, Fuck You

But really, most of her songs have really good chorus.  Reminds me of why I liked P!nk's last album.  I also had this thought, but then i remember reading a review who had the same thoughts so don't accuse me of stealing...but because of her electronic flavor, I thought "I Could Say" and maybe "Chinese" sounded like a euro DJ making a club remix of Lily Allen's music.  And a few of her songs have that flavor too so it creates a easy breeze when listening.  Not a real complain because I enjoyed the album, but hey, I need to feel the creative juices running.

Summary: So this album has fillers too, but I would say it's completely listenable.

Key Tracks: Not Fair, Never Gonna Happen, Him
Rating: 6/10

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