Wednesday, April 22, 2009

Bomb The Music Industry! - Scrambles

Release Date: 02/15/09
Genre: DIY Ska-Punk

As music fans, if you see a band's name mention many many times, there's a good reason why.  Their 2006 album was so catchy, but I was not happy with their 2007 album.  Scrambles murders both.

Review: I think my new number one rule of a good album is music that has lyrics with no predictable rhymes.  It doesn't matter if you feel that he can't 'sing,' he has good expressions and the band changes the melodies a lot within a song so it feels jam packed.  And if they can convince me that they giving it their all, then I'm in. Number two rule, album flows together.

I liked how the first track is lo-fi, reminding me that this band is DIY.  Then they just smash everything up as the album unfolds.  Along the way, they have softer tracks like "Wednesday Night Drinkball," "$2,400,000" and "Sort of Like Being Pumped."

there's nothing less cool
then feeling exhausted
from hours of not doing
a damn thing at all

I love their hyper-ish songs just because they make me feel (insert word), but there's always this burst of overloading hyper-ness that's just amazing sounding.  Like they squeeze the hell out of that lemon.  Overall, it's a fun album that works well.  They blend punk, ska and maybe some indie effects and it just works.  Best of all, I believe their passion for the music. If the first 4 tracks don't do anything, it's not for you.

Summary: I'll scream it better.  I fucked up the beginning.  That was bad.

Key Tracks: Stuff That I Like, Fresh Attitude, Young Body, 25!
Rating: 8/10

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