Friday, April 17, 2009

No More Teaspoons: Track 3 is Missing

Hey dorkshake. Tomorrow is Record Store Day. Go crazy!

So the founders of the Piratebay are going to jail. Complete bullshit. But the site is still up. I don't use torrents anymore, but if they shutdown megaupload/rapidshit, I'm fucked.

Hey man, did you hear about some dude who had a tree grow inside his lung? Chuckie almost died man, didn't you learn.

Updates on the decade list:

So unlike the earlier years, I knew ahead of time what my favorite album of 03 is.

Ghosts of the Great Highway

Then 2nd place is all over the place.  Right now, it's a 3-way tie with It Still MovesMichigan, and Dead Cities, Red Seas & Lost Ghosts.  After i get done with 2004, I should be back to 2009 albums.  So yeah, maybe I should just review old albums because hey, it's new to me.  Special shout out to The Earth is Not a Cold Dead Place.

Speaking of new, but old.  Someone on the MBMB wanted to start a music magazine and it did enter my mind, but I want to reach 1000 before I 'join' with anybody.  LOL@me.  I have no readers.  Anyways, they only had 2 post so I did nothing, but they came back and here's the link.  Their layout is better than mine.  Anyways, they'll be on my reading list because I love reading 'normal' people's music opinion.

So Coachella is this weekend.  and?

Did you discover anything?

So Meg & Dia's new album was leaked, but where was track 3?  Aww wells.  I did listen to it.  I probably need more time to evaluate it.  The lyrics are still on the level of their last album, but I guess my taste has shifted in the last two years that hearing Dia's voice alone doesn't rock me anymore.  Like the album didn't strike a core with me.  Again, I still need more time.  I didn't like The '59 Sounds at first, and it almost became my AotY.

MewithoutYou.  ummm, not much of an impact yet, I only listen to it once and so far, it felt 'pretty.'  Less of that hardcore feel and more alt-country?  i don't know, don't quote me yet.  I feel like a hypocrite because I hate bands who released the same shit over and over.  So this band released something really different.  I'm gonna put it aside for now and wait for lyrics to appear to come out so i can follow along.

So everybody's favorite band from the Netherlands, Rosemary's Sons released a new album.  it's not on eMusic yet, but based on the so-so tracks on their myspace, nothing stands out like "Wrong Way Around."  Doesn't he sound like bon jovi?  I know, screw bon jovi.  (i'm kidding)

So who's looking forward to Green Day's new album.  "Know Your Enemy" sounds like a continuation of American Idiot and it's my favorite GD album.  But as a single, I don't know, sounds like a piece of crap to be honest.  Good job at being repetitive.

Miley Cyrus's The Climb = story of my life.  Dudes, she's hilarious.  But at her age, I think the song is perfect for her career, but dang, I bet many teen girls are going to have this as their anthem song for many years.  But take it out of content, the song is a formulaic pop ballad with lame violins.

Donna Du wrote her best song to date, but now that video on youtube can't be found.  O well.  (edit) oh, here it is.  (video). Why couldn't I find it earlier?  So yeah, isn't it cool that she isn't smiling?  Even if she's not heartbroken, she made her lyrics believable.

A quick bookmark

It's like she doesn't know the boards have a music section.  lol.  Their sound is cool.  They need one song that is extra catchy.  Maybe there is one on the album.  That's why I'm bookmarking them.  =D

City Later!

I can't wait to see Star Trek!  May 7 guys!

Song of the Week:
St. Vincent - Actor Out of Work (Video)

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