Friday, April 03, 2009

No More Teaspoons: 1

Okay. So here's a good way to force myself to update weekly. I'll just post...weekly. yup. And then I thought...I could revised my song of the week thingy, but just tape it to the end of my weekly post. So what should I name it?

What the hell did I just come up with. So i just took 10 minutes trying to think of something. First, I thought I should make it city related (traffic report?) or music related (named after a song I liked?), but then I saw the 4400 poster on my wall, so I thought, "Promincin." Then I wiki'd it, but iono, just didn't seem cool enough, but then I looked at my multivitamin bottle on my desk and I was reading some of the names. I was pretty close to picking "other ingredients" because it sounded appropriate of what I was aiming for, but then "90 tabs" sounded random...which led to "teaspoons." And yeah.

I'm so glad I wasted your time. But let's get back to music. So the last thing I want is for someone to use my site as a reliable source of news. This is a blog! with wheels. Basically in these weekly things, I'll just blog my week regarding my musical discoveries and albums I'm excited for. things like that.

So first up. Apparently Jason Wade, Richard Marx and Chris Daughtry co-wrote some songs together. Not sure how that will turn out. At best, it'll be nominated for choice teen love song of the year. But I think it would be absolutely hilarious if the song turns out to be really superficial like 90s love ballads. Lifehouse is pushing for a new album this summer and after Who We Are, I really want them to end and start over. not break up, but as a fan, I care about them and I know their sound. It's nice that they are connecting with all kinds of people, but WWA was like an album for the 'likes all types of music' community. Album #5, please be the album for the 'takes music seriously' community.

Also, I wanted to be open minded on Daughtry because I haven't given him a listen and I had that song "what about now" in my head at random times of the day. No, i don't like it. David Cook is Cooker.

Canada loves Nickelback. Silly Juno Awards are worse than the Grammy's.

So Michelle Branch has a short video of her rehearsing a song. I listen to it and I like it. Better than "This Way." So Stevie Nicks wants to do a all girl supergroup with Michelle Branch, Sheryl Crow and Natalie Maines. Sounds interesting. But all of them are singers/ .. is there room for all 4?

Wrestlemania 25!

So what happen to that Meg and Dia album? thank you myspace. Based on their new tracks on myspace, I'm expecting a more band sound. that doesn't say much, sorry. But their first 2 albums i felt they wrote from their hearts (and books they read), but so far, the two songs sounds like their are exploring their musical talents. I'm not expecting it to outshine their debut. No expectations are good.

I guess that's all. Again, I don't want to be looked upon as a news source. I just blog about my personal life, but solely on music. If you wanted to know about my personal life, I got contacts today. Goodbye glasses.

Song of the Week:
Moving Mountains - Can't Afford The Color (Cover, written by Justin Veatch)

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