Friday, May 08, 2009

No More Teaspoons: play em off, keyboard cat

damn it damn it!  My headphones are twitchy.  I have to bend it a certain way for my left side to work.  I'll probably save up to buy a new one.

Who's Cassie?  Hello Rihanna.

This Flash game is pretty cool.  pretty music too.

This girl is cool too.

So I'm suppose to finish my 03 list this week because that's how I planned it, but I've been doing a Lost marathon.  Sun Kil Moon wins.

The new Michelle Branch single is called "sooner or later."  isn't that a switchfag song?  Anyways, i know it's on youtube, but I want my virgin listen to be the real studio version.

Riceboy sleeps = cool
Dredg = not digging
Green Day = nothing so far
Enimim = nothing so far
Better Than Ezra = barely above alt-rock
Bob Dylan = I will never get him =/

I think I'll start reviewing again in June.

Song of the Week:
Sufjan Stevens - Happy Birthday (video)

1 comment:

Linnie said...

It is indeed a switchfag song. :P

I love how I'm worthy of a one-line mention on your blog. ;) I feel special now.