Friday, May 01, 2009

No More Teaspoons: Keep your hands clean

I should really stop playing this stupid mmo game.  Anyways.

I listen loosely to both Jenny Owen Young and Maria Taylor.  both are okay, but not really something I would recommend.

Manchester Orchestra are warming up to me, but the second half dies on me.  I need to push throught it and see if I can 'get' it, but the first 2-3 songs are really good.

I feel like I should like St. Vincent, but I don't fine her appealing.  my ears, oh no.

Younha new one is pretty cool.  Not YUI good, but she has some spunk.

Tinted Windows isn't as bad as some reviews are making them out to be.  But it's still average.

I hope Mat Kearney's new album is good.  word is out that the album leaked.

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Song of the Week:
Okkervil River - For Real (video)

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