Friday, October 26, 2007

The Field - From Here We Go Sublime

Release Date: 03/26/07
Genre: Microhouse

This album is number 1 on metacritic, so it has to be worth a listen right?

Review: The album opened to me as something that will gradually lift me, but after 30 seconds of a song, the song hardly changes. It's very repetitive and on occasion, has a change up, but very few in between. Was I missing something because every track is the same and the ending doesn't do anything so the songs could have lasted forever if it wanted to.

Perhaps it's the over expectations that caused the album to sink, but if there's anything good to say about this album, it's better than death metal.

Summary: Album isn't even good for background music as the repetitive will drive you nuts. I could barely finish the album without stopping, but when i finally manage to listen to it in one sitting, I know the album was shit.

Key Track: Over the Ice
Rating: 2/10

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