Saturday, December 01, 2007

Animal Collective - Strawberry Jam

Release Date: 09/11/07
Genre: Freak Folk, Experimental rock

I remembering downloading it and then saying "what the fuck is this?" So months later, I was actually going to delete this, but I wanted to give it one last listen to make sure I didn't miss out on anything.

Review: Peacebone has a weird static noises and it never ends within the song, that's why I turned it off the first time I listened, but there was something quirky about his vocals mixed with the music that I found myself listening to the song on repeat. I couldn't get into the other songs as they weren't as flashy, but overtime, I let the album go past the first track and it's hard to describe why each song works, but they all just do. My least favorite songs are the 2nd track, and the 2nd to last track.

The middle portion of the album is far superior to the beginning and end. "For Reverend Green" for example is smooth and guilding and when the song needs a push, the vocals turn into screeching and it sounds very fit. "Fireworks" has an amazing change up in the second half of the song and I just want him to never stop singing.

"Winter Wonder Land" is the shortest, but it's the most compacted. "If you don't believe in _____ then don't believe in _____! Do you not believe in _____ because it gets you down?"

I also love that songs tend to blend with the next. Vocals will take time to get use to, it's not pretty, but it fits well with the music. The music itself is blurry, but it doesn't bug me, like there's a lot of high pitch guitar work that will make your ears listen to, but nothing climatic. It might seem like it doesn't change a lot, but the vocals lead the way.

Summary: It's the album I can't understand what makes it great. It's not draggy, it's not repetitive. There's no feeling of incompletion. It won't be pleasing to many, but it's sweet and messy. What the album is, is that it's exciting with energy. Lyrics don't matter.

Key Tracks: Peacebone, For Reverend Green, Fireworks
Rating: 9/10

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