Tuesday, June 17, 2008

Dr. Dog - Fate

Release Date: 07/22/08
Genre: Indie Rock

Hey, this isn't a hip-hop album. I like looking at people's year end list to discover stuff I may have missed and someone had this on their top 5 so I gave it a listen.

Review: So I really like the 1960s Psychedelic Rock feel to the album, reminds me of The Zombies. Bad example maybe, but I'm not an expect of that era. There's a foggy mood in the sound scape. I really enjoied myself in the first 3 songs, but "Army of Ancients" was the song that made me take notice. I know I'm a sucker for chant along choruses, but hey, it sounds good.

With repetitive listens, the album sometimes feels weaker and sometimes feels stronger. But I like it. It's a cool throwback and doesn't go flat.

Summary: Good Album. The middle chunk is a must listen.

Key Tracks: Army of Ancients, From, Uncovering the Old
Rating: 7/10

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