Thursday, June 12, 2008

Halves - Haunt Me When I'm Drowsy

Release Date: 05/16/08
Genre: Vocal Post-Rock

I'm addicted to music. That's not a secret. Why can't I stop? Because even when I have a drought in finding good new music, there's always a time where I'll randomly download something and say "this was worth it."

Review: So is it just me or has there been a spike in vocal post-rock bands? I haven't checked out their first EP yet so I don't know if they lessen or increased the vocals, but I'm glad Halves realized that they are capable of doing them. After a short 90 second intro, we get touched with "May Your Enemies Never Find Happiness." There's a repeating melody through out the song. I guess it works as the chorus and the vocals are the verse. But everything works nicely.

The rest of the album really kept the flow after that track. Although I wanted more of that track, they kept things simple and all the songs are good. After "Amberscene," not a lot of vocals play anymore. Maybe it was a smart move so it wouldn't die out on the listener like the way Kyte's album did on me. I like the details of the strings. The piano is cool.

Summary: This is some mighty fine music.

Key Tracks: May Your Enemies Never Find Happiness, The Lamp Dies....A Sleeping Circuit Wakes
Rating: 7/10

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