Monday, September 08, 2008

Horse Feathers - House with No Home

Release Date: 09/09/08
Genre: Folk

It's kinda odd how I didn't get into the new Bonnie "Prince" Billy album til a few weeks ago and that overrated Bon Iver album stopped being overrated. If folk music has always sounded like this, then I've been missing out. But maybe my musical taste needed to travel a bit more to appreciate these beauties.

Review: So my first impressions were, "this guy sounds like Ray Lamontagne," and it started to drift in my mind whether if I like the first song because it was good or because it was familiar. Thankfully, it was the bridge in "Rude To Rile" that stopped the comparison. The build is excellent. The strings actually add a whole level of texture and once it erupts from his delicate voice to this group effort, that set the bar for me. I just knew I was in for a ride.

"Working Poor" has a really nice friendly chorus, "A Burden" almost has a rocking chair motion to it. The music just pours out like paint in an organized matter. Things just fall into place. The quiet parts of the album are often rich in detail, but it's really unnoticeable at first because the vocals are crazy good. I really love the banjos and the strings.

Track 9, "Different Gray" is the only one that feels different from the rest of the album. So it breaks up the flow and because of that, I sometimes feel indifferent with the last 3 tracks. Are they good? Yes. Just not stand outs.

Summary: Basically a must have for folk lovers.

Key Tracks: Rude To Rile, Working Poor, Helen
Rating: 9/10

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