Tuesday, September 09, 2008

The Indelicates - American Demo

Release Date: 04/14/08
Genre: Indie Pop

wow, I'm late on this one. But in the last 5 months that this album was out, not a single person has mention them as a top contender for the best of 2008.

Review: Male and Female duo with some really good music behind them. Violins to start the album off and I'm enjoying it already. I'm kind of a sucker for those medieval sounding intros. Then the drums start of the first real song, "The Last Significant Statement To Be Made In Rock 'n' Roll." Interesting title. Vocals are from the guy and it always seems like he is whispering, but it works. Cool build up and it's a good intro track to an album.

Now it's the girl's turn. Julia Clark-Lowes was actually a founding member of The Pipettes. Cool connection. Her song, "Our Daughters Will Never Be Free" is so hyperactive. Reminds me a bit of Los Campesinos! And then they have clapping near the end. So fun.

"We don't know the song so we can't sing along."

"Sixteen" actually was a single last year, but it's new to me and I really like it. Voice is high, but the music good. Tropical feel and the piano dings in the back. And it's really hard to get that chorus out of your head.

"If Jeff Buckley Had Lived" makes me smile, the melody is nice, but the lyrics just make me go, "why are they singing that." Seems kind of mean, but I sorta agree because Jeff Buckley is pretty overrated.

The rest of the album are basically great fun melodies. Both aren't great vocialist, but I think it fits well that it doesn't distract away from the music.

Summary: Great first half, good second half. Vocals might be annoying at first, but the music should be enough that it won't be a big deal. Fun melodies.

Key Tracks: The Last Significant Statement To Be Made In Rock 'n' Roll, Sixteen, America
Rating: 8/10

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