Tuesday, September 02, 2008

Peter Bjorn and John - Seaside Rock

Release Date: 09/23/08
Genre: Instrumental, Acoustic

Okay, but where's the real album?

Review: Obviously, this album will be compared to Writer's Block and I'm sure for many, this album will be shit. So let's just pretend this is their debut. The first track is uncreative and goes nowhere. The second track gets to be more playful and i enjoy it. the added faint vocals towards the end gave it more texture.

"Next Stop Bjursele," "Erik's Fishing Trip" and "Norrlands Riviera" suck and provide nothing but rubbish spoken words on top of uninteresting music. If I'm missing some deep underlying message, please explain to me, but even if i still knew, it doesn't make the song sound better. It sounds like crap.

However, songs such as "School of Kraut" show that they can create high spirit songs. If the album were more like this, I think nobody would complain. It's interesting.

It's nice that these three guys wanted to make an album towards their experiences in their childhood, recapturing the sounds and on some songs, they got the right ideas (see key tracks), but as a whole, it's just an average album that won't really shake heads.

Summary: Some good stuff, some bad stuff.

Key Tracks: School Of Kraut, Needles And Pills, At The Seaside
Rating: 5/10

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