Saturday, September 13, 2008

sgt. - Stylus Fantasticus

Release Date: 09/10/08
Genre: Post-Rock

Why buy albums? To get a hard copy. Why buy digital music? because you can't wait for someone else to upload it. That's what happened to me. Hearjapan are jerks forcing me to give up 4 extra dollars. I just want sgt.!

Review: So where are the transitional ambient tracks? Practically none except a 2 minute track before the 16 minute one. But it's okay, next time yeah? I was fearing it, but this album is more like the last track on Perception of Causality. It sounds greatly jazzed and unstructured, but in a good way. I really really hoped they stuck with the beautiful weeping violin, but it's less noticeable here. There's also less pinpoint climaxes. Less stand out tracks. Less connectors between tracks. And even though I'm disappointed that none of these would work on a mix CD, I can finally say that this band is on my favorites' list.

I'm sure overtime, I'll memorized every progression, but for now, I particularly enjoyed the album for its 'jam' sound. That didn't really say much, but I'm not a huge fan of jazz or jam bands, but I realized in the first 2 tracks that I probably wasn't going to receive an epic standalone track like on PoC. However, early on in the album, I felt that I could trust the band so I allowed it to take me. There's less violin crying, but there's something really engaging in this frenetic, paranoid destructible universe sgt. has created. It's really cool that there's no dominate parts, just 4 people giving it their all.

By the end, I just trusted the music and I'm completely happy with what they made. Bias much, maybe. I'm a little bummed that they didn't try to be more diverse. This stuff is very rooted towards fellow Japaneses bands, Toe and LITE. So it scares me, or maybe I should give those bands a second try. Also, there's no overlapping transition between tracks and there's not a lot of emotions. A bit picking, but I need those things.

Summary: Pretty is not the right word, just intense jam sessions. No big payoffs in the end of the songs because it just gets to the point from the start. Overall, it's an excellent album.

Key Tracks: 声を出して考える方法, 再生と密室, 銀河を壊して発電所を創れ
Rating: 8/10

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