Monday, October 06, 2008

Math the Band - Math the Band Banned the Math

Release Date: 04/11/08
Genre: 8-bit, electro dance rock

Anyone who takes this band seriously needs to chill the fuck out.

Review: I basically downloaded for the album title, but it's a really wacky album throughout. It has 8-bit music and vocals that belong in the car. But the first song states it, he is simple karaoking with no talent. I'm also reminded of the DIY style of music like Bomb the Music Industry! where it's a mix of talking, singing and loud 'don't give a fuck' shouting. Now this music is a bit more friendly as he doesn't drop the F-bomb. I can't really say it's catchy, but the entire album is fast pace so it's almost danceable if you're into that. I like it. If only he sampled some random NES game, I would have marked out.

Summary: Awful singing, not a lot of subsistence, yet it's really ridiculous. Not for everyone, not even me, but it's a fun listen to experience.

Key Tracks: Leeetttsss Goooooooo!!!, The Water Cycle, Four Square Or Square Ball?
Rating: 6/10

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