Tuesday, December 30, 2008

Dakota Suite - The End of Trying

Release Date: 01/20/09
Genre: Minimalistic Ambient

I wanted to get a jump start at 2009 and I think someone missed labeled this as indie rock. O well, total mind numbing album.

Review: The fun part of instrumental albums are I can just la la my way through it. I consider Hammock to be my standard in the calm chillout ambient style of music. The first two songs were really nice, kinda like backdropping music a la Max Richter, but track 3, "Hands Swollen With Grace" just hit me so hard with that cello and the piano just gliding it's way in me. Fuck man, why is this so nerve wrecking. I'm not trying to sell this album. I honestly almost teared up. So damn direct.

At this point, I trusted him. I stopped listening to the album and just did my own thing, but I kept it playing through my headphones. and if an album can do that to me, where I can just zone out without noticing it. I consider it to be good. In other words, I never got bored of the album. for the person obsessed with being depressed, this album hits all those spots. There might not be those stand alone tracks that raises or crescendo, but the echos and empty spaces hollow at me.

Summary: This album hits all those spots to make you feel incredibly sad.

Key Tracks: Hands Swollen With Grace, The End Of Trying Part III
Rating: 8/10

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