Saturday, December 27, 2008

Deerhunter - Microcastle

Release Date: 10/28/08
Genre: Ambient Punk

I remember trying their album last year and I couldn't get it.

Review: But the first half of this album is nearly perfect. "Comfort me, Come for me, you cover me." lyrics might be wrong, but whatever, it's that soft gentle rhythm that got me into the album. The next few songs follow the same suit and I'm sort of reminded of shoegaze bands as there's a cozy noise just surrounding my ears, but never attacking. The sound just floats and the vocals pushes the noise around in my head.

Track 6-7 are both quiet pieces with 8, "Activa" going a bit folksy. "Saved by Old Times" has clear guitars, but the vocals are the same. It's different, but fits with the album. I'm a little tired around the last 3 tracks, but the album closer "Nothing Ever Happened" is a sick track. The drums at the start remind me of "Pretty Women" and yeah, it's probaly the strongest song on the album.

Summary: Good start, but it faded towards the end for me.

Key Tracks: Agoraphobia, Little Kids, Nothing Ever Happened
Rating: 7/10

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