Saturday, December 27, 2008

Taylor Swift - Fearless

Release Date: 11/11/08
Genre: Country Pop

I started listening to her so I could reset my mind when I'm trying to sort out all the new albums I've downloaded, but when I finally let her record play out, I couldn't find a filler track.

Review: It's part country and part rock-Michelle Branch style. On my first listen, I enjoyed her tunes, but they felt like a playbook in country making albums. Like this is something Faith Hill or Shania Twain have already done. "Fearless" starts out the album with a friendly verse-chorus exchange and a typical guitar solo at the bridge which leads to a slowdown only for her to repeat the chorus a few more times to solidify the words into the listener's head.

"Fifteen" is a reminiscences song about being 15 and feeling that love will make your head spin. So true Taylor. It's not a ballad, but it's softer. "Love Story" is track 3 and it's the song that's hilarious and self-owning all at once. It's hard to get that tune out of your head.

"Hey Stephen" is the song that made me take notice of her. I like how smooth it is and the relax nature just remains the entire time. It kind of has a filler notion, but the lyrics are heavy in story telling that it's impossible to ignore and the chorus is just nice. MMmm MMmm.

"White Horse" is my least favorite song. I just found it to be a bit hollow.

"You Belong With Me" hit me pretty hard. Not emotionally, but just from sheer catchyiness. oh my god at that pre-chorus, "She wears high heels, I wear sneakers." So bouncy. From this point on, I was cheering her on. "Breathe" follows the same flow of "White Horse", except this time, it doesn't suck. "Tell Me Why" sounds like a safe song, but it breaks the flow of that ballad.

"You're Not Sorry" is a really strong song with piano keys pressed every beat, but her voice just captures everything. "You don't have to call anymore." "The Way I Loved You" borrows a few hints at Avril's Complicated, and "Forever and Always" reminds me of a Paramore song. I should be bothered, but iono, her chorus in both song just feels right.

"The Best Day" is another strong song that's quieter, but echos.

Summary: The balance between the uptempo songs and high school narrative ballads work amazingly well. The fast songs are melodic and catchy while the softer ones touches the heart and glues to the ears. There are simply too many good hit songs on this album. It's ridiculous.

Key Tracks: You Belong With Me, Forever & Always
Rating: 8/10

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