Monday, December 01, 2008

God Is An Astronaut - God Is An Astronaut

Release Date: 11/07/08
Genre: Post-Rock

I know, I'm so easily gentler with my instrumental review ratings.

Review: So this band has a lot of the same shared qualities of other bands in the genre, except they tend to just cut right to the chase. Yup, not a lot of epic parts, but it's easy to sink yourself in and have the whole thing play without interruption. But also, there's nothing here that demands a repeat. At times, I feel that the guitar riff sounds too similar with all of the songs and that should be a downside, but see, I think I flavor post-rock. "Shadows" is a satisfying opener, "No Return" has great clashing melodies, "Zodiac" has a urban tribal touch to it which is very exciting. So the thing is, is it new? For me, no. But this is upper-tier quality stuff. If I'm not careful, I might overplay this album to death so I'll leave it at that. I find myself more drawn into their quieter work like "First Day Of Sun" and "Remaining Light," but I'm a softy at heart. So there you go.

Summary: It's a solid album, but I wouldn't say it's above the pack. Basically someone set this album on good and that's what it came out to be. Good.

Key Tracks: Shadows, No Return, Zodiac
Rating: 7/10

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