Monday, December 01, 2008

Yiruma - P.N.O.N.I

Release Date: 10/30/08
Genre: Instrumental Piano

I use to go on stickam back when it was new and it was easier to find people just to talk. And one dude play a song by this man, but he wouldn't tell me the name of the artist. And I don't remember how I found out it was Yiruma, but damn he's cool.

Review: So this album is hard to describe. I don't wanna talk about each song and go through the twinkles. It's like soundtrack music, but maybe a bit more towards the anime side only because he is Asian. I only say that because American movies don't really have his touch. His music is entirely piano. And it's not Yanni type, it's just pure piano. But I'm into this type of music so his stuff sounds amazing to me. A lot of love in the music. It's always bright and positive. The only downside is the similarities with every song, but it's bound to happen as he uses only one instrument.

Summary: Yiruma is the best in his game. The album melts together towards the end, but it's consistency good music. When an album is really dark, it's dark. This is the opposite.

Key Tracks: Love, Joy, Letter
Rating: 7/10

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