Monday, December 01, 2008

The Rural Alberta Advantage - Hometowns

Release Date: 02/??/08
Genre: Indie Folk

The metacritic board keeps talking about them and after giving them more than 2-3 chances, they grew on me.

Review: But I've always enjoy the first track of the album, "The Ballad Of The RAA." It just has that complete package. The beginning sounds like a dial tone. And a steady beat. Reminds me a bit of The Postal Service. The vocalist reminds me of Jeff Mangum as they are both sound nasally. And I love the tings of the drums and I think there's a glockenspiel just playfully dancing and the 2 minute mark just seems to clash it together and the vocalist just shouts a bunch of words.

"Don't Haunt This Place" is a frenetic tss tss drumming and a welcome lady friend lends her pipes. There's a nice riff right before the ripping chorus of "Drain The Blood." It saves the song. "Sleep All Day" reminds me of Nada Surf. I feel that the last few songs died on me. Still, it's a straight-up indie rock album that delivers.

Summary: If the first song is a 10, the album starts a steady decline to an 8.

Key Tracks: The Ballad Of The RAA, Don't Haunt This Place, Drain the Blood
Rating: 8/10

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