Saturday, December 27, 2008

Wolf Parade - At Mount Zoomer

Release Date: 06/17/08
Genre:Indie Rock

Opps, I thought I reviewed this already, but that was Islands.

Review: So I was really surprise to see this album get as much credit as it did because IMO, it didn't match their debut album nor did it match to Sunset Rubdown. The first song, "Soldier's Grin" is excellent and exactly the type of song I wanted. Nice bouncy words and good instrumental parts when there are no vocals to draw the listener. It's nice and long so it feels like a complete dream.

I didn't mind the second song, or third. When "California Dreamer" came, It was cool. But I wasn't stunt like the first album. When the album finished with "Kissing The Beehive," I got lost. Are there bad songs? Not quite, but it was almost like this album made no mark on me. The stuff in the middle sounded too similar and there was a lot of missing pieces that I needed to grab hold of. Not asking for much, just something to taste.

Summary: A little dry.

Key Tracks: Soldier's Grin, California Dreamer
Rating: 5/10

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