Friday, April 24, 2009

No More Teaspoons: r.i.p geocities

If Susan Boyle was hot, nobody would give a shit.

Did you hear about some dude getting tasered at Coachella?  I love seeing dick.

Did you hear about some Beyonce thingy where apparently, she 'can't' sing?  Made me laugh, but it's a fake.  I knew it was fake.

Maximo Park, Jars of Clay, Jason Lytle, Bob Dylan, Patrick Wolf all leaked this week.   I didn't listen to them yet.  Sorry...I've been on a Meg & Dia high.

This Matt and Kim video is pretty cool.  They get naked in public and you're wondering how the hell are they allow to do that.

As for 'new' to me music, I've been listening to Bill Callahan.  Dude gots an awesome voice.

My australian friend did this cover and it's worthy of a listen if you're into raw mistakes.

I keep telling myself to make a checklist for what I want to post on friday, but then i forget.  So yeah, this NMT update is pretty MT.  At least I finally made a banner for my blog.  I think it looks okay.  I was going for an abandon website look.

Song of the Week:
St. Vincent and The National - Sleep All Summer

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