Friday, January 08, 2010

carrymind: That show, Life Unexpected looks good

What happen to my weekly updates? Well my 1 year Anniversary for AO is coming...after that I'll update more.

Animal Collective - Brother Sport

So when I started my decade list last year, I made a mental note of what my number 1 would be and tried to compare every album to it. And it worked well IMO. So I tried the same thing with my 90s list, I figured In the Aeroplane or Either/Or would be 1st, but as i opened up myself to genres I initially closed off, I think any album could take over. Good music doesn't get old so I like stuff that feels fresh, no matter what era. I even tried listening to Pavement and it's so weird. I kinda dig them. Maybe my subconscious remembers them so they appear to be familiar and therefore I'm getting a false sense that I like them. Good music is unpredictable. I still can't believe I'm a Lady GaGa fan.

90s: So where do I start? Well yeah, don't hate, but I googled 'best albums of the 1990s' and I pretty much downloaded everything near the top 10. If we could count Greatest Hits. ABBA would be in the top 10. I remember liking The Colour and the Shape, but I'm just not feeling it anymore. But Jagged Little Pill, wow man, this is the shit. I just need some background music and boom, that album breezes by. If it makes my top 10, i'll have no shame. I like Weezer's blue album too. It's strange cuz their 00s materials was iffy, yet the blue album is pretty much 9/10 material the whole time. Ocean Beach from Red House Painters = oh my godd. And It's so surreal knowing that Matchbox Twenty had an album from 1996 and it contained three songs I forgot about. Real World, 3AM, Push. What the hell?

Exploring is fun. Come explore with me. I'm gonna tackle this britpop. Let's go Blur.

I also downloaded this boxset. Whatever: the 90s pop and culture boxset

Half of it is stuff i never heard of. Anyone have another compilation that is more nostalgia?

90s song of the week: Shania Twain - From This Moment On

2010: Yeasayer's new album, Old Blood is great. But I get tired for the final 3 tracks. So I'm not sure what it is as a whole. There's a shift in feel after track 5. We'll see but for now, it's a 8/10.

Vampire Weekend's Contra is pretty much what their second album is suppose to sound like. I still prefer their debut and I'm sure lots of people agree on it. Maybe it's cuz this album had no surprise jems. The middle just sounds weak imo. Horchata will probably make my year's end list.

Los Campesinos! - Romance Is Boring....disappointing. Well...maybe it'll grow on me, but I don't see it happening. My love for Indie pop has been replaced with ..ladygaga pop. So I'm not really pleased with it.

I know Beach House and Spoon both leaked, but I haven't listen to them yet. I also downloaded Usher and Ke$ha. It's hard for me to get past the first few tracks, especially Ke$ha. *shrugs*

2010 song of the week: Yeasayer - One

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