Friday, January 29, 2010

carrymind: Dear Internet

Title would have made sense last week, but I was unmotivated. So I wanna touch upon Conan for a bit. Usually when you tell a story, the beginning is the best place and I've been stuck sitting here trying to remember, but I really don't know. All I can say is that for me, Conan has been my Late Night entertainer for nearly half of my life now and it sucked when he wasn't on for 3 months in 2009, now at best he won't be on until September. I'm not mad at Leno, but holy crap he really hurt his own legacy. Best wishes Conan. Thanks for the laughs

And of course Lost. The replay value is really hurting me of naming it my favorite show. I've been rewatching random episodes here and there and it's really hard to focus because there's so much irrelevant stuff. I find myself rewatching Glee more enjoyable. Anyways, going into Season 6 this Tuesday will be very sad. I had no idea where they plan on going so I have no expectations.

but enough about that Let's talk Music.

90s: I gave Bee Thousand a listen. I didn't like it at all. 69 Love Songs is pretty cool.

90s song of the moment: Red Hot Chili Peppers - Scar Tissue

2010: I downloaded stuff, but haven't listen to yet. I think I'm finally burnt out on Lady Gaga, but Bad Romance is still an excellent song. My biggest surprise was this album from Surfer Blood. They got BNM on Pitchfork which made me kind of *silent* on it, but it's really good. Perhaps my favorite album so far of the year.

Laura Veirs - July Flame, is a really enjoyable listen. I love female folk stuff so it's not hard for her to get into my shell.

The American Dollar - Atlas, It's really great seeing them dish out new music every year and it's really consistence. Nothing more than that. I hate using the word safe on music I enjoy, but if you're familiar with their work, you won't be disappointed.

2010 song of the moment: Joanna Newsom - '81

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