Friday, February 12, 2010

carrymind: No Way, new Lifehouse album is out!

It's so weird, usually when an album is out, it's everywhere, but I had trouble finding the new Lifehouse album. google is taking down all the music blogs, but I managed to find the album on some Chinese forum which gave me the filesize..which helped me find a working link. thanks to google. lol

But before I forget, This week's episode of Lost was NOT amazing. In fact, I'm scared. What the hell is going on? I have no ideal ending because I'm not sure what's important to the show anymore.

My aussie friend sang me a song. Why?

Why is the milk gone. I usually eat cereal when I blog.

90s - blah, nothing

90s song of the week: Janet Jackson - Again

2010: Lifehouse - Album number 5 doesn't suck! Yes! But a few songs really hurt the flow so that makes it flawed.

E.S. Posthumus - amazing! Finally a true follow up to Unearthed.

Rocky Votolato - I remember i used to love this guy. New album is okay.

Lil Wayne - I actually dig'd his rap stuff, but this album is bad as the critic say.

Balmorhea - Once again. this band keeps making good music. their 2009 album is still the best.

[post-foetus] - nice guy, nice music. vocals suck lol.

2010 song of the week: Lifehouse - It Is What It Is

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