Friday, February 05, 2010

carrymind: 99.7

Lost was amazing!

So I stopped bringing CDs into the car and just listen to the radio. Back when i was a regualar, i listened to 101.3, 104.9, and 106.5...but theres this new station, 99.7 that just plays the most infectious driving music. I don't know what it is, but it's so better than lite-rock or whatever it's called.

Sexy Bitch
Knock You Down

I'm surprise there's no video for Meet Me Halfway. That beat is sick. But oddly enough, listening to these songs on the computer just feels different. But in the's a blast.

90s - blah, nothing

90's Song of the week: Blues Traveler - Run-Around

2010: Who the heck is Lady Antebellum? I'm slow, but wow, they make decent country music.

jj - new album isn't bad, but it's weaker than their debut. Some nice stuff, but it's not new and fresh anymore.

Midlake - Very easy/mellow listen.

Moonface - Starts really good, ends kind of sour.

Owen Pallett - I really wanted to like him, but he isn't blowing my ears yet.

2010 song of the week: Jonsi - Go Do

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