Friday, March 19, 2010

carrymind: The Melancholy

Lost was hmm...decent. But next episode is going to be the best episode ever or else I'm gonna be pissed! Since the season 3 finale disaters, I've been telling myself to do all I can to stay away from jerks trying to ruin the series finale and boom, look! It's finally happening. Not sure how I'll do it. two months without doing my normal internet things seems too much. But for sure, I'll be anti-internet when episode 12 airs.

She & Him - Very hard to gauge. She sounds the same, but the music just doesn't grab me like their debut.

Laura Marling - Same problem. Her debut was crazy love, but here, she sounds too mature. I didn't feel that spark anymore. the new version of Blackberry Stone is great.

The Tallest Man On Earth - Very good stuff. I thought he was fairly overrated in 2008 as all i could think was he was channeling dylan too much. but on this record, I just enjoy it so I'll leave it like that.

2010 Song of the Week: Laura Marling - Blackberry Stone

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