Sunday, May 02, 2010

E.S. Posthumus - Makara

Release Date: 02/02/10
Genre: Orchestral

I didn't know this album was coming out. I love being surprised. If you never heard of this band, trust me, you have.

Review: The quickest review I can say is, if you are just a bit interested in movie soundtracks at all, give this a listen. Was it their intention to make music for movie trailers, I don't know. But it's almost inseparable at this point. The good news is, this album is very consistent and a lot more like their first album, epic choir music. It's easy to create your own story in your head. But is it revolutionary? Who needs it to be. This is the music I wanted to hear and they delivered. Very manly music. Great pacing as well. I suppose the dangers are, every song has so much texture and similar themes that aside from the gentler songs, I couldn't named the song by ear alone. So it does bleed together.

1. Kalki 7/10
2. Varuna 7/10
3. Unstoppable 10/10
4. Durga 8/10
5. Manju 8/10
6. Kuvera 9/10
7. Ushas 8/10
8. Lavanya 8/10
9. Vishnu 10/10
10. Indra 8/10
11. Arise 10/10
12. Saint Matthew Passion 6/10
13. Krosah 9/10
14. Anumati 6/10
15. Moonlight Sonata 4/10

Summary: It's like Cartographer never happened and this album is the true successor to their mighty debut. This is your adrenalin junkie's album.

Key Tracks: Unstoppable, Vishnu, Arise
Rating: 8.0/10

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