Sunday, September 21, 2008

Alex Band - Alex Band EP

Release Date: 04/25/08
Genre: Pop Rock

I remember being obsessed with "Two" and somehow, every song captured how I was feeling at the time about a certain person quite scary, but once I was over her, I never listen to The Calling ever again. I know my music taste has changed, but I still believed in Alex Band. He has this song called "Tonight" that is excellent. Too bad it's not on this EP.

Review: The first track, "Live Again" really scared me because it sounded overly rock and his voice sounded too much like Nickleback's. That made be a good thing to some, but not for me, it doesn't work. Thankfully the remaining tracks sound more like himself.

"Rest Of Our Lives" and "Only One" are the two stand outs. Maybe cuz they both sound like something from The Calling days, but it strikes me. In the first, it's one hell of a power anthem, while the latter is one hell of a power ballad. Good ending for "Rest of our Lives." Thank goodness he realized that ending a song simply by repeating the chorus 2 more times is lame.

"Coming Home" comes as a safe tune. "Fame" kinda has something going for it, but the lyrics are a cheesy. Was he reading a children's fairy tale when he wrote it?

Summary: I grew out of songs with these type of lyrics, but he is kind of alright. Basically, fans of The Calling will like it.

Key Tracks: Rest Of Our Lives, Only One
Rating: 5/10

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