Thursday, June 02, 2011

ABBA Gold: Greatest Hits

Release Date: 09/21/92
Genre: Pop/Disco

My Story: Do people realize how ridiculous this album is?  I heard "Dancing Queen," but nothing else.  I was unaware that the Broadway show, Mamma Mia! was based on the music of ABBA and I even saw their name on the list of best selling recording artist of all times.  But I never tried them until i was in a live chat with 4400 star, Jacqueline McKenzie who sang a bit of "Take a Chance on Me."  So I downloaded their greatest hits album as a quick start to their music, but the crazy part is that once i got through each song, it blew my mind that every song has a hook.  I guess that should be expected since this was their greatest hits.  but I'm a newbie to their music so it was just ridiculous how memorable and perfect the pop melodies were.  Also, the track list is perfect.  It even feels like the songs were made to support each other.

Favorite Songs: Mamma Mia, I Have a Dream, The Winner Takes It All
Rating: 10/10

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